Wild Basin

The Kinder Morgan Wild Basin Offload Project was to design a new gas offload facility near Watford City, North Dakota to offload 55 MMSCFD of high-pressure gathered gas from the Watford City gas gathering pipeline to Oasis's Wild Basin Plant. The design of the station included various equipment for liquid handling, separation, truck loadout, and compression. Gas entered the facility at approximately 1,000 psig, heated to approximately 75 F, and pressure reduced to 550 psig. Incoming gas and liquid is collected in a finger-style slug catcher and gas is offloaded directly to Oasis's Wild Basin Plant at 500 psig. The slug catcher liquid is heated and flashed at 150 psig. The remaining liquid is trucked out and the flash gas is re-compressed to Oasis. Excellence provided Engineering and Design, Procurement Services, Project Management, and HAZOP services.