Advantages of EEI Project Management: Exceed client expectations by simplifying the process and reducing stress for the client that improves project outcomes and client satisfaction.

Partnership… Your Project, Your Objectives, Our Priority.

Why Choose Excellence:  Excellence focuses on creating powerful client relationships and puts the client first.  Excellence Engineering offers  SOLUTIONS  to our customers and we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professional service.

Mandatory Framework provided by EEI :   


  • Weekly In-house Team Meetings                           
  • Followed by a Client/Team Meeting
  • Provide Weekly Agenda/Action Item List
  • 2 Week Look Ahead
  • Semi-Monthly Schedule Updates
  • Semi-Monthly Budget Updates
  • Stay Ahead Program – Manage Scope Changes

How are we different - 

  • Partnership Approach
  • Focused on Solutions
  • Integrity
  • Technical Horsepower/Experience
  • Flexibility
  • Local
  • Small to midcap projects

Connecting with our clients by:

  • Innovation
  • Communication