Dupont Phase II (Butane Injection)

The project installed over 15,000 BBL of pressurized commercial butane storage to be injected into pipelines and be used for tank blending.  The butane was received via a new 24 spot rail offloading rack using on site nitrogen generation and two 1250 GPM pumps.  The offloading system was designed to comply with NFPA 58.  The storage system is comprised of two butane spheres, 10,000 BBL and 5,000 BBL. The vessels were designed to ASME BPVC Section VIII Division II with a design pressure of 100 PSIG.  Two API 610 vertical centrifugal can pumps are utilized to transfer between vessels and also to mix a vessel to provide a homogenous mixture for manual sampling.  The pipeline injection system consists of an API 610 pump, Coriolis flow meters, segmented ball flow control valves, online RVP analyzers, and constant pressure samplers.   Excellence provided FEED, Estimation, Engineering and Design, Procurement Services, Project Management.