Atlanta PSL

The project consisted of butane offloading, storage, booster pumps, custody measurement, weigh scales, on-line RVP analyzers, and a fire system. The project offloads liquid butane utilizing electric driven reciprocating compressors modulated by VFDs and electric emersion vaporizers. The butane is transferred into 2 – 90’ diameter spheres (largest in North America) equating to a nominal storage capacity of 120,000 BBLs.  The butane’s pressure is boosted utilizing vertical can pumps regulated by VFDs. The butane passes through Coriolis meters providing custody transfer quality.  Butane is then transferred by 6 different pipelines to its injection point which are pipelines ranging from 12” to 36”. The total butane injection rate can reach as high as 6,000 BPH.  Excellence provided FEED, Estimation, Engineering and Design, Procurement Services, Project Management.