Arc Flash Study    

The project was to update the facility’s existing ETAP model since the model was originally created to support a new double-ended 13.8 kV line-up installed in the early 1970’s.  480V switchgear modifications were made for the facility’s Substation 1 and Substation 2 line-ups.  Coordination with client’s switchgear vendor to develop equipment protection/switching requirements and defined feeder routing and cable requirements was required.  The existing ETAP distribution system model was updated and an Arc Flash Study with new arc flash labels was produced. The reviewed coordination curves for the new SEL relays in the switchgear provided the necessary protection and coordination for the new switchgear. The one-line diagrams were upgraded to reflect the new switchgear addition.


  • Arc Flash Study
  • Coordination Study
  • Optimization of Conductor and Equipment Protection
  • ETAP
  • 480V & 13.8kV Switchgear
  • Retrofit


Notable Accomplishments & Challenges


  • Limited downtime for project implementation.
  • Project startup during Christmas holiday.