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Recent Blogs

Nashville I Facility Upgrade Project included the addition of a tank, a third bay to the loading rack, relocation of the ethanol offloading area. Additional truck staging and butane truck to tank blending capabilities were included. Modifications were made to optimize the current tank farm utilization and rack efficiency improvements by making tank swaps and tank pump upgrades. A new VRU was installed to accommodate the increase in loading throughput.

Excellence Engineering has extensive experience in the design and construction management of gather systems for both oil and gas production including both radial and trunk line systems. Designs include pumps, separators, emulsion treater, tanks for oil and water, truck loading facilities, water disposal injection systems, regulators, compressors, valves, dehydrators, compressor buildings including noise abatement, and other associated equipment. Experience also includes design of gas gathering and injection systems from cavern storage. 

HollyFrontier’s Truck Loading project in Tulsa, Oklahoma implemented an additional means of removing heavy gas oils (HVGO) from storage tank 188 in order to supplement the existing piping discharge.