EEI was contracted to provide electrical instrumentation and controls/automation support for the oily water separation system to be later installed on the USS America. The control system was designed using an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC and panel view touch panel as an operator interface. The control panel was designed and drawings for the panel layout and wiring schematics were created and submitted to Facet for fabrication EEI provided support for equipment purchases including: value actuators, level switches, limit switches (external), pumps, flow sensors, and alarm signals. EEI provided construction support while the unit was assembled on a test stand in Tulsa. Once the unit was completed, all instruments loop checks performed, and all calibrations of instruments confirmed, the client ready for operational testing. EEI developed the software programs for the PLC and Touch panel to control the oily water separator as specified by our client. Once the software was installed all communications tested, and the I/O wiring was confirmed with the programming, it was then time to complete the operational testing. EEI provided onsite support and documented the progress. The entire system was tested for functionality and ease of use for the end user. The unit was shipped to Pascagoula, Mississippi for installation on the USS America. During the actual commission of the USS America, Dee Hays from EEI accompanied a technical advisor to board the ship and commission the oily water separator.

During this time on the ship, additional training to the ships technical crew was provided to assist them with operation and troubleshooting of the unit for maintenance purposes, manuals were also provided. The unit was 100% operational prior to the ships maiden voyage.