The Rail Loading Facility provides long term liquid product loading and rail export capacity allowing Company X to export the increasing natural gas liquid product volume ensuing the processing capacity added with the expanded Gas Plant. The loading system has the capability of loading rail cars with Propane, Butane, and Natural Gasoline. The Product Fractionation System Peak Design Rate per 24-hour day is roughly 1,500,000 gallons divided as follows:

  • 900,000 gallons of Propane (60%)
  • 400,000 gallons of Butane (27%)
  • 200,000 gallons of Natural Gasoline (13%)

The products are transferred via shipping pump to the rail facility from product storage at the gas plant via three pipelines. The three product pipelines directly feed the loading system. The loading system consists of a two-sided 16 spot loading rack, loading control system, and vapor combustion unit. Each loading spot is equipped with an articulating loading arm for loading either Propane or Butane, while eight loading spots are equipped with an additional articulating loading arm for Natural Gasoline loading. The rail loading strategy provides twelve (12) hours each day for the gas plant to regain available NGL Product storage inventory at the TGP through transferring inventory to rail cars.

Relevant Scope of Work:

Excellence Engineering provided the electrical design and layout for the electrical buildings. The buildings included UPS battery storage, MCC sections, fiber panel, control panels, and HVAC.