Excellence Engineering LLC was contracted to aid in design, procure, and manage a $20,000,000 facility. The project will install over 270,000 gallons of pressurized commercial butane storage that will be injected into the longest refined product pipeline in the US. The butane will be received at the facility at a 3 lane unloading bay via DOT MC-331 trucks. The product injection will be monitored and altered proportionally to pipeline flow rate and based upon online Reid vapor pressure analyzers. The process will be periodically verified utilizing constant pressure samplers utilizing the American Petroleum Institute Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 8.4 “Standard Practice for Sampling and handling of Fuels for Volatility Measurement. The project is currently in construction and is expected to be completed, commissioned and operational by the end of 2016. The offloading system was designed to offload trucks utilizing the truck’s on board pumps. The butane is measured with a positive displacement meter for facility balance. The offloading system was designed to comply with NFPA 58. The storage system is comprised of three 90,000 gallon pressure vessels. The vessels were designed to ASME BPVC Section VIII Division II with a design pressure of 250 PSIG. An API 610 vertical centrifugal can pump is utilized to transfer between vessels and also to mix a vessel to provide a homogeneous mixture for manual sampling. The injection system consists of 2 API 610 pumps (100HP), Coriolis flow meters (2” to 4”), segmented ball flow control valves, online RVP analyzers, and constant pressure samplers.

Relevant Scope of Work:

Excellence Engineering will provide included but were not limited to cost estimate and basis of estimate, process simulation, hydraulic analysis, pipe stress analysis,  electric load study, arc flash analysis, drawings, equipment specifications, and procurement documents. The drawings provided include Process Flow Diagram, Process & Instrumentation Diagrams, Piping and Mechanical plans and elevations, piping isometric drawings, overall site plans, foundation details, pipe supports, paving details, communication diagrams, network architecture drawings, cable and conduit schedules, electrical one lines, instrument details, and loop drawings.