Excellence Engineering provided electrical and instrumentation engineering and design services to support the addition to an Arial JGC-8 reciprocating natural gas compressor that was driven by a Caterpillar G3612 gas engine. The addition included one 3612 Cat/ Ariel Compressor skid, inlet slug catcher, inlet filter separator, dehydration discharge filter separator, and discharge oil coalesce filter. The new gas compressor was added to an existing natural gas compression station and installed in a new building. EEI’s responsibilities included compressor building layout and design, lightning protection specification and design, and electrical system studies which included load flow, short circuit, and protective device coordination. Arc flash analysis was performed for the existing electrical distribution equipment as well as for the new 480V motor control sections and distribution panelboards added for the new facility.

Relevant Scope of Work:

Compressor building enclosure was designed with normal and emergency lighting, fire and gas detection and associated building utilities.